17-18 Performance Report

School Information

Grades: K-6
Facility: Opened in 1954. Newly constructed school opened September 2007. 

Highlights for 2017-18

  • Improved student understanding of reading through shared reading of more challenging texts
  • Developed reading decoding interventions for upper grade students
  • Increased student math fluency through trying different short math routines at each grade level
  • Received professional development support for fourth-grade teachers to sustain academic progress
  • Added Wildcat Den room with dean of students and success coach to support students needing problem-solving and calm down support
  • Continued implementation of RULER, including classroom charter, mood meter, meta-moment, and blueprint
  • Trained teaching staff in positive, trauma-informed Sound Discipline techniques
  • Increased after-school programming including tutoring for students in all grades and Techbridge for girls in the upper grades
  • Went on home visits focused on our families who speak other languages
  • Exceeded district percentages of students exiting from bilingual services in six grades; exceeded or matched state exiting averages in five grades
  • Trained staff in understanding how equity and culture impacts our students, families, and our work as educators
  • Around 76% of second-grade students met standard on the Highline Benchmark Assessments (HBA) for reading
  • Around 85% of kindergarten and first-grade students met standard on the Highline Benchmark Assessments (HBA) for math

Plans for 2018-19

  • Implement intervention systems for reading at every grade level to increase student reading achievement
  • Continue to improve student access to challenging texts through shared reading experiences
  • Increase diversity of reading materials in the library and the school
  • Improve student writing through the use of writing rubrics so students can better monitor their growth and progress
  • Implement consistent math routines at every grade level to increase student math fluency
  • Receive professional development support for fifth-grade teachers to sustain academic progress
  • Continue working with Sound Discipline to fully implement trauma-informed practices across the school
  • Hold more academic nights where students and families can look at student progress and learn how to better support students at home
  • Improve customer service with families throughout the school
  • Sustain our progress of students learning English through developing a four-tiered system of support

Invitation to Participate

Invitation to Participate

At Highline Public Schools, one of our four pillars in the district's strategic plan is parent and family engagement. In order to reach our strategic plan goals we will form partnerships with parents and families. Families and community members are encouraged to participate in school activities and in educating students in school, at home and in the community.

How District Funds are Invested

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Source: Actual 2018-19 expenditures as of August 2019.

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