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Bow Lake Elementary School
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Bow Lake Dress Code Policy


  • All shirts may be no shorter than waist length.
  • Must cover to the waistline and must cover to the shoulder.
  • Sweatshirts may be worn inside with hoods down.
  • Appropriate graphics and logos on clothing. 

Pants, Capris, Shorts

  • Pants are to be worn at the waist.
  • Pants should fit comfortably, correct size or a belt.
  • Shorts need to be no shorter than an inch above the knee.
  • Yoga pants with appropriate length shirts.

Skirts, Dresses

  • Length: No shorter than an inch above the knee.
  • Shorts/leggings may be worn under skirts


  • Closed toe shoes without wheels or heels.
  • Rain boots and snow boots may be worn during inclement (bad) weather.

Jackets/ Outerwear/ Hats/ Caps

  • Jackets, hats, gloves and scarves can only be worn when outdoors.
  • Head-coverings for religious reasons (such as hijabs) are allowed.

Related to all clothing

  • Clothing with tobacco, alcohol, drug, violence, weaponry, sexual innuendoes, foul language, etc. is not permissible.
  • Bow Lake Spirit wear is always appropriate.

If a student’s dress is not in compliance with the dress codes, parents will be asked to bring in appropriate clothing.

Student dress and grooming standards are intended to help students engage in learning and enhance school order and safety. The Bow Lake dress code policy is gender-neutral and does not restrict a student’s clothing choices based on gender. The responsibility for dress and grooming of students generally rests with the student and their parent/guardian.

The school recognizes that students have a right to express themselves through dress and personal appearance. Student dress will be regulated when, in the judgment of administrators, there is a reasonable expectation. Procedures established will ensure that any student wearing, carrying, or displaying gang-related apparel, or exhibiting behavior or gestures which symbolize gang membership, or causing and/or participating in activities which intimidate or affect the attendance of another student will be asked, with notice to his/her parent/guardian, to make appropriate corrections and be subject to discipline if the corrections are not undertaken. Students have the right to be treated equitably.

This policy will not create disparities, reinforce or increase marginalization of any group, nor will it be more strictly enforced against students because of racial identity, ethnicity, gender identity, gender expression, gender nonconformity, sexual orientation, cultural or religious identity, household income, body size/type, or body maturity.

• Staff will use reasonable efforts to avoid applying this policy in a way that singles out or embarrasses a student in front of other students.

• Administrators are required to ensure that all staff are aware of and understand the guidelines of this policy and procedure.

Any family that is in need of financial assistance for uniforms may contact the Bow Lake front office at 206-631-3500.

Lost and Found: Once school begins, please make sure and check our Lost and Found, located in the hallway, close to the front office for lost articles.