Bow Lake Elementary PTO


The goal of the Bow Lake PTO is to:

  • Support teachers and families and build relationships with members of the Bow Lake Community. 
  • Raise funds to promote enriching activities, and support school operation to benefit Bow Lake's students, teachers and families.
  • Promote parents contribution to day-to-day school operation and encourage parents' in-class and extra-curricular involvement.

We believe everyone benefits when staff, parents, family members and community work together to build up our children for a lifetime of learning!


The next scheduled PTO meeting which will take place on May 9. These meetings will take place every 2nd Thursday of every month.

Meetings are used to:

  • Have a chance to get to know a Bow Lake staff better or meet a community member.
  • Learn about upcoming events.
  • Share ideas about ways to help our school. 
  • Meet other parents and family members of Bow Lake students.
  • Build up a positive community for our children.


Rotem Yossef, PTO President

Tom Blodgett, PTO Vice President tom.blodgett

Denise Permen, PTO Treasurer denise.permen